By: Sam Kaufman
Partner, Agent Support Group


September is the month for advisors to get the drums out and march up the avenue to create awareness.   Advisors should be proud that the benefits paid from life insurance policies contribute to the wellbeing of American families across our great country.   Allowing families to continue undisrupted following the loss of a breadwinner.

However, somewhere we have all failed to beat the drums loud enough and over 40% of Americans remain without life insurance protection.    Why is such a large percentage of the population uninsured?   The most prominent reason is probably the fact that most advisors are not interested in writing a $500 annual premium even though they may be creating a future relationship that will purchase a larger policy later in life.  

Think about the New York Yankees, a team that was laden with aged plays two years ago.   Do the Yankee teams of the past resemble your client base, aged and not likely to purchase additional life insurance?  Everyone has marveled over the “Baby” Yankees, they hit, they run, they play baseball.    Just think how many home runs you could hit if your client base included some “Baby Bombers”. 

The second place advisors fail is in policyholder engagement.   As a General Agent we keep advisors informed about the status of the policies written with ASG.    We prepare reports detailing term policies that are approaching the end of their level premium period.   I hate to tell you where those reports go and where the later premium notices go.   Think what would happen if you called the client and they indicated they had another child or that they started a new business.  Perhaps this is old fashion, but it works.  

We need to be proud of the product we sell and take joy in the fact that life insurance provides the financial security for families and businesses to continue following a significant loss.   So get out there and march up the avenue beating your drums as loudly as possible this month.   Make more people aware of the services you provide and the need for financial security.