potusBy: Gary Bleetstein
Partner, Agent Support Group


By the time you read this, the election for our next President will be a few days away and whoever wins will bring some forms of change – some popular and some unpopular.

We have had change forever in our business- this is nothing new and nothing to really be concerned about right now. To make changes, there are vast numbers of committees, voting and dealing with the two parties even before these changes get to the place where it is in final draft.

We have all lived through changes in Section 79, 419, Pensions, Minimum Deposit, changes in the Estate and Gift tax laws, Split Dollar etc.

Furthermore, it takes more than a new President to affect these types of changes-

We have no idea what the makeup the Congress or the Senate will look like, how the stock markets in and abroad will react and what kind of changes may be in store for our business.

We have already experienced DOL, Coli Changes, Increases in Costs of Insurance as well as promises to change Obamacare, Medicare, Estate Tax Laws, the inside build-up of cash values and more and more and more.

We cannot and should not let these possible changes interfere with our day to day operations of selling Life Insurance which is still one of the best financial products available.  A product that allows families and businesses to maintain their financial stability.

While we deal with changes every day, we do not have to deal with changes in our business until that time has come. If you would like to get involved in our business regulatory environment and assist, a great way to do this is to join AALU – our best advocate organization for our product and our business.

So congratulations to our new President, and all of us in the Life Insurance business should just go forward and sell our great product as we do have so much to offer.