VEI logoBy: Gary Bleetstein, July 2016
Principal, Agent Support Group

ASG is pleased to announce we have engaged with Virtual Enterprises International, Inc., a national initiative designed to help transform students into young professionals while building a major talent pipeline for our organization.

The program was created to give High School Juniors and Seniors with advanced skills, the opportunity to intern at financial service firms while the costs of these interns is essentially paid for by the program.

These students are proficient in marketing, social media, accounting, business development and business planning.

We have hired our first intern who will work in our marketing department and hope that if we like each other, we can hire her as our employee after the internship is completed.

This is not a new program, however it is widely used in major CPA, Consulting firms, Banks and Financial Service Companies,

This is an area ASG feels strongly about – If you are interested in learning more about VEI go to