by: Mark D. Milbrod, CLU
Partner, Agent Support Group-August 17

It’s the start of August and I have already seen my first “Back to School” store displays and television commercials.  Even though I haven’t been to school in years, for some reason, those three words always make me cringe. 

Back to School though is all about preparing.  You need to gather all of your supplies so you can hit the ground running in an effort to stay focused on your schoolwork so you can succeed in the coming school year.  That makes me think about our livelihoods.  Are we prepared for “our school year?”  Do we have the tools we need to succeed? Are we preparing enough?

Back to School symbolizes the end of summer.  And it is true that most people move at a slower pace during July and August.  It is often associated with a slowdown of business.  Clients are on vacations and it is harder to get in front of them.  But come September, we have to be careful so that we are not utilizing that time to slowly get back into the groove.  Because before we know it, it’s the end of the year and we can fall short of our goals.  Just like those students, we need to be prepared so that our success can be achieved. 

What steps are you taking now to hit the ground running?  With all of what’s going on in our Industry today, it is truly a great time to be a part of it.  There are so many unique ways in which you can help your current/potential clients. 

Here is a sampling of the types of products and services that you can provide today…

* Policy Audits

* Complimentary Business Valuations

* Loan Rescue Programs

* Premium Finance Strategies

* Supplemental Retirement Planning

* Guaranteed Income Planning

* Longevity Planning using Non-Health Triggers to use Death Benefit as Cash

* Uncapped LTC Pools

* Guaranteed “Cash Back” Life Insurance

These are some hot buttons that we are widely using to generate tons of client meetings that are turning into tremendous sales.  If there is something on the list that you want to know more about, we would be glad to assist you.  Use this time for your “Back to School” planning.  Learn more about the items on this list and how they can turn into meaningful client encounters.

Back to School is all about preparing.  Use these resources wisely.  Do your Homework now and identify potential prospects so that in September you will hit the ground running and have an amazing last quarter of 2017!

Happy Selling