Congratulations, it’s your birthday in September and you are a year older.  The bad news is that your cost for life insurance has increased.  Don’t put off protecting your family and business – It only cost pennies a day.


Perhaps too many of us, as professional advisors, complicate the message and create confusion to demonstrate our professional expertise. Did you ever consider that this only serves to create confusion, leaving the client completely bewildered and unable to make a decision.  


The “Keep it Simple” approach still works and not only results in a sale, but also establishes an advisor/client relationship that will continue into the future.  It is this type of relationship that creates a base for bonding between the advisor and client that will continue into the future.


Engagement is the next most important factor in growing a strong network of clients that will help you grow your client base.  Check in with your term policyholders as they near the maturity of their level premium term duration.  Review their business to determine if changes are needed.  Advisors need to be pro-active doctors and not wait for the patient to call with chest pains. 

September is Life Insurance Awareness month.  Advisors, it’s time to give a shout out to all of your clients and let them know your interested in the health of their life insurance program.  After all, you know they’re not going to call you.