Gary Bleetstein, Partner-Agent Support Group

June, 2019


As Geico advertises with its Hump Day and Camel Advertisement, Do You Know What Day It Is?

Being in the Life Insurance business, as you all know, our days are busy with constant interruptions from clients, carriers, vendors, even sometimes advisors and we tend to forget what our jobs and careers are really about.

This month, June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day and my belief is sometimes we need to sit back, slow down and remember what it is we should be doing.

As life insurance professionals and advisors, we certainly have all of the tools of the trade to make as many of friends, family and business associates aware of how special life insurance is and can be in many situations.

Life Insurance sold properly can save families from financial disaster, help those with Long Term Care needs to assist with the high costs of medical care, keep a business afloat after the death of a partner or key person and so on. I remember the first time I delivered a death claim and thought this was the worst possible thing to happen. Well, I was wrong and the widow who I gave the proceeds to and I are still close friends. The check saved her life as there were 4 children and little assets other than the life insurance.

Furthermore, where can you buy a financial product, have tax free accumulation of cash, and have a tax free death benefit paid? Where can you buy a product that has guaranteed rates not to increase, guaranteed current or future income with excellent tax avoidance?

Why are there so many people in our country that are either not insured or under insured? Why to so many advisors and prospective clients not understand how life insurance is for the living, not the dead. Life Insurance, LTC, Annuities and Disability products provide excellent solutions to many future problems, yet we continue to get information that so many people in this country have no insurance.

So let’s all celebrate our great industry and products, and begin talking about the needs for Life Insurance products and remember that June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day.