September 23, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm




How to Master the Art of Storytelling


Expand your selling skills to incorporate storytelling, a proven way to up your game. Create deeper connections with clients, build trust that can help relationships last for generations, and inspire clients to act. This webinar will give you the storytelling What, When, and How to make you a master storyteller.

Joan Malay
Joan Malay
Manager, Sales Training
Prudential Individual Solutions Group

As part of Prudential Individual Solutions Group’s Sales Training, Joan works with sales professionals at every level from the time they are hired, and need to understand how to succeed at Prudential, and throughout their Prudential career as they continue their professional development and strengthen their sales and communication skills. Joan has over 20 years of experience helping sales professionals and leaders advance their use of technology, cultivate consultative skills, and persuasively present to groups. Whether in the classroom or individually coaching, her goal is to translate sales knowledge and skills to tangible sales results.

Lauren Hicks
Lauren Hicks
Regional Vice President
Prudential Individual Life Insurance

Lauren Hicks is a Regional Vice President for Prudential’s Individual Life Insurance division. Based in Houston, TX covering the Texas region, she is highly experienced and knowledgeable at using life insurance to benefit your clients.

Through a collaborative and consultative approach, Lauren’s primary focus is to drive profitable sales through Brokerage General Agencies and Independent Producers. This is accomplished by delivering Prudential’s Unique Value Proposition to the market, where: We help our business partners thrive by offering dynamic underwriting, enduring value, and customized life insurance solutions.