September 14, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Pacific Life

Impact of an Extended Low‑Interest Environment


When the low-interest environment first began around 2009/2010, very few of us had any idea how long it would last. What are life insurance carriers focused on moving forward? What are the trends and how does the life insurance industry invest differently? The webinar will explore the following topics: U.S. and global backdrop, managing yield versus stability, crediting rates, investing for general accounts through a pandemic, Pacific Life’s general account portfolio, and finding opportunities in today’s capital markets.

Join Tod Nasser and Bill Bell to learn how the current environment has changed the focus of life insurance carriers’ investing and what to pay attention to in the near future.

This webinar may provide up to 1 hour of CPE, CFP, PRP, and IWI credit* and is intended for accounting professionals, attorneys, employee benefits providers, trust officers, asset managers, and other centers of influence. See details below.

Tod Nasser

Chief Investment Officer
Pacific Life Insurance Company


Tod joined Pacific Life in 1991 as Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Asset/Liability Management in the Pension Investments group. He was promoted several times over the years, including his most recent promotion to Chief Investment Officer in 2021. In his current role, Tod oversees the general account and advises Pacific Life’s product divisions and subsidiaries on product design, investment opportunities, and hedging strategies.

Bill Bell, JD, MBA

Assistant Vice President
Advanced Designs Unit and

Illustration Development Team
Pacific Life Insurance Company


Bill has been a member of Pacific Life’s Advanced Designs Unit since 2003 and was promoted to Assistant Vice President in 2013. He focuses on business planning, retirement planning, executive compensation, estate planning, and life insurance taxation.

Filed for 1 hour of CPE, CFP, PRP, and IWI* credit. Attendees may receive credit if all of the requirements are met:

1 Credit available only for Certificated Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents, Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), those with designations from the American College (PRP for CLU, ChFC, etc.), and those with designations through the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI). No insurance continuing education (CE) or continuing legal education (CLE) credit is available
2 Must individually register, providing national producer number and/or all relevant credit designation numbers, and log on individually in order to receive credit for this webinar.

No credit available if multiple attendees are using a single log in (e.g., viewing from the financial service professional’s office)
3 Must attend for the entire duration of the webinar

Log on promptly at the beginning of the call and remain on for the entire hour

Must answer ALL of the polling questions to ensure attendance throughout the presentation