April 14, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Does price alone provide your client the best life insurance or LTC-expense protection solution to meet their needs? Is a myopic focus on cost the best way to build a sustainable financial services business, especially with InsurTech on the rise and an algorithmic dystopian future a real possibility?

If the only thing your client cared about was price, they would exclusively drive a Chevy Spark. In fact, a recent survey found that while price is important, only 18% of consumers rated price as the #1 purchase criteria… which helps explain how luxury car manufacturers can somehow stay in business.

The April episode of the Lincoln ONEmeeting will show you how to:

  • provide your client the RIGHT solution (not just the cheapest), and
  • future-proof your business at the same time.

We’ll look at the difference between price and cost and explore how to creatively show your client the value of a solution, not just the size of the check they must write.