Guess who’s back? It’s that favorite Uncle of ours and it’s time for our favorite time of the year….TAX SEASON.

We are waist deep in tax season and what better time to remind ourselves of the countless sales opportunities that arise out of this time of year. The best part is that with the focus on taxes, all of our clients are aware of all of the things that effect their financial lives. Whether it’s retirement plan contributions, annual gifts, charitable contributions, etc., it is all fresh in their minds. From just the few items listed, I’m sure a few sales opportunities come to mind.

In fact, a tax return is probably our best sales prospecting tool. As financial professionals, where else can you get a road map that leads you directly to all facets of someone’s finances. In terms of centers of influence, namely CPA’s, all of this information is fresh in their heads as well for all of their clients.

Wouldn’t it be great…

  • If there was a simple turn-key approach that can show you how to talk to your clients about their tax returns and turn that into revenue?
  • to have a platform that you can easily approach CPA’s with and enhance your current relationships?
  • to have a platform to approach new centers of influence?
  • to greatly increase your sales revenue for 2012?