Sam Kaufman,
President, Agent Support Group

My Mother would occasionally give me a kick in the rear and tell me I better straighten up.   The Covid 19 Pandemic gave the life insurance industry a big kick in the rear triggering an unprecedented acceleration in sales processes and underwriting that I have never witnessed in the over 45 years in this industry.   Many new sales opportunities have resulted from these enhancements and if you have not taken advantage of them – shame on you.

Now more than ever client engagement is a necessity.   Your clients need servicing not only concerning their life insurance policies, but also their estate planning.   Opportunities for sales abound, but you must reach out to your clients to capture these sales.   Waiting for your telephone to ring will not work.

Last week an advisor 80 years old submitted two applications via e-app with 15,000 of target premium.   I will admit that he had some assistance from his grandchild, but he got the job done and policies will likely be issued within ten days.   Another advisor had a client, age 54, that we were able to get 5,000,000 with John Hancock without an examination.   From application to e-delivery in 10 days.

There are no excuses for not taking advantage of the multiple accelerated underwriting programs available from multiple life insurance companies. There will never be another opportunity like the present for you to engage your clients and demonstrate your professionalism and concern for their families.

The entire team at ASG is here to help you get started.