One of the latest crazes to take hold has hit this last month… Pokemon Go.

Everyone has heard of it by now but for those who haven’t seen it, it is game played on a mobile app that integrates with your GPS system. You have to find various Pokemon characters and capture/battle with them to earn points and compete with other players. Basically, it is a huge scavenger hunt that has you searching everywhere for Pokemon. Essentially they are everywhere in this virtual world. It brings you to Parks, Landmarks, Restaurants, etc. where all of these Pokemon “exist.”

So, if the point of this game is to seek out Pokemon, I was thinking that this can be interesting if we change the cast of characters a bit and make our version, Insurancemon Go.

After all, we are not looking for Pokemon, We are looking for prospects to sell insurance products to, and you know what?, they are everywhere too. As I walked down the streets of Manhattan with my son, the app is telling us that there are basically Pokemon all around us. In fact, we stumbled upon a restaurant where we ultimately had dinner because of it. So this Pokemon Go turns out to be a great marketing tool. Now let’s go back to our version, the Insurancemon Go. If we had an app that would tell us where the prospects are, that would obviously be a great tool. But if you think about it, we do.

Everywhere we turn, we see restaurants, office buildings, small businesses, organizations, rotary clubs, churches, synagogues, etc. Our “Pokemon” are all there just waiting to be approached by professionals like us. They need our expertise and guidance to help them make the right decisions to plan for their families and their futures.

We do lots of things for our clients…

  • We implement income replacement programs for young families
  • We assist business owners with succession plans, key-man and buy-sell planning
  • We protect families from Long Term Care events
  • We provide liquidity for estates
  • We help secure retirements
  • We help leave legacies

These are just a sampling of the things we do. Everywhere we turn, we have prospects among us, our “Pokemon.” The beauty of it is that we don’t have to look very far. I am sure the Pokemon Go craze will follow the path of most fads and fade away over the next few months.   The Insurancemon Go craze however, will never go away.

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