By: Mark D. Milbrod, CLU,CLTC


I hope this post finds everyone safe and you are coping well and adjusting to this new (temporary) normal.

As we are all making adjustments trying to balance our personal and business lives, it is important to stay busy.   I find it therapeutic keeping to a routine and staying in touch with friends and clients alike.

In terms of our industry, there has been a great response on the carrier level. The carriers are assuring us that they are there for their policyholders and able to service their respective customer bases.

From a new business standpoint, a number of carriers have expanded their non-medical platforms so that you can provide your clients with needed protection for life, disability and long term care insurance.

The platforms are digitally based and can facilitate large lines of protection without you ever having to physically be in front of your clients. Even annuity products can be processed in a similar manner.

All of that is great but let’s not lose site of the gravity of what is going on. Although we still need to make a living, be a human being first. Don’t come off like a snake oil salesman.

Check in on your clients. Assure them that through this crisis, the carriers that you sold to them are there to back up the promises you made to them. If appropriate, let them know what actions the carriers have taken with their non medical platforms and that they could take advantage of updating their insurance if they are interested.

I have seen multiple e-mails from Law & CPA firms advising their clients that they are still available for their planning needs. I have contacted attorneys and CPAs to let them know how our industry has responded with the digital platforms outlined above.   It’s good for them to know so that they can make their clients aware that they have options if the questions come up.

On a personal note, we at Agent Support Group are here to support you. Although we are working remotely, we have full capabilities to keep the continuity of your business flowing. If you would like to know more about any of the additional resources available to you, let us know.

Stay Safe!