by: Mark D. Milbrod, CLU
Partner, Agent Support Group

My original plan for this month’s Blog entry was going to be something acknowledging Long Term Care Awareness Month, which is the Month of November.  But I figured we will all hear enough about that and besides our Partners Insight this month will cover that in great detail.  

Instead, this month I would like to share a story of something that happened a week ago that I was so glad to be a part of.  For those that know me, you are aware that I am a huge hockey fan and season ticket holder for The New Jersey Devils.

At a recent game, they had a young girl come out to sing the national anthem prior to the game.  She did great to start but after the first verse, I guess the nerves took over and she forgot the words. She tried to get back on track, but couldn’t.  At that moment, without hesitation, 14,000+ of her closest friends instantly started to sing and complete the singing of our national anthem with her.  At the sake of sounding corny and being a bit of a sap, it was truly something amazing to be a part of.   

There are so many negative things going on now, namely the kneeling incidents occurring in the NFL and the crossover effect that it has had with other professional athletes and even in the world of youth sports.

I’m not trying to get political and will keep my personal views to myself.  I do want to note however, that I do respect anyone’s opinion and right to exercise their views.  My point in all of this is to simply point out that the flag represents all of those freedoms that allow us to voice our differences and viewpoints, regardless of what side you lean towards.   

I was a part of something truly special that night and as we approach our Thanksgiving holiday later this month, let’s reflect on one thing, as Americans, that we should all be thankful!

I have included a link to the video for you all of you to see… 

Have a Safe and Very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! 


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