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Agent Support Group (ASG) – ASG is one of the oldest and most established life insurance brokerage agencies in the U.S. Our core mission is to provide concierge-level service to you – the life insurance agent, financial advisor, or professional in any insurance discipline – to help you develop and expand the life insurance area of your practice.

ASG Product Lines

Universal Life – Traditional, Indexed, and Variable
Classic Whole Life and Term Life
Survivor Life
Long Term Care – Asset Based and Hybrid Plans
Individual and Specialty Disability Income
Annuities and Single Premium Products

Concepts & Specialties / Pre-Sale Consultation & Support for 

Insurance to fund Estate Plans
Pre and Post Retirement needs
Insurance planning for Ultra High-Net Worth Clients
Business Insurance to fund Buy-Sell and Stock Redemption, Key
Employee, Executive Benefits and Business Loans
Substandard Risk Underwriting
Point-of-Sale Support
Education through Exclusive ASG Zoom Meetings and Webinars

*ASG is a member of AIMCOR.