By Jay Scheiner JD CLU
Executive Vice President
Agent Support Group

We at Agent Support Group remember the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001.  As a premier life insurance brokerage agency based in Midtown Manhattan, we were there during the chaos of that day and the aftermath.  Many of our producers lost clients when the terrorists attacked the towers.  We lost friends.  Some in our agency lost family members.  An insurance company partner lost her spouse – another his sister.  Several knew firefighters and first responders who perished.

I’m familiar with one advisor specializing in life and disability in the corporate arena who lost 51 clients at Cantor Fitzgerald.  He was supposed to meet with them on the 105th floor of the North Tower on the morning of September 12th.  A friend of his was fired from Cantor Fitzgerald on the 10th.  Imagine how a day of difference can mean the difference between life and death – and could change a family’s future forever.

At Agent Support Group we work with insurance professionals to show them how to best protect their clients.  We look for the gaps in current coverages and always try to put your client in a better place than they were in before.  We know what the power of life insurance can do for a family, a business or an estate.

Life insurance has meaning – life insurance saves families.  If there was ever a time to think about the good your work does – it is now – on this special and solemn 20th anniversary of 9/11.  At Agent Support Group we remember those who were lost and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for others.