by: Mark D. Milbrod, CLU, CLTC-March 2019


Talking to agents on a daily basis, we are always asked for ideas on how to approach clients.  Sometimes we hear that they have nothing new to speak to their clients about.  So if anyone out there has that problem, I have put together a little list of some good conversation starters.   As you will see, there are a great deal of opportunities in today’s market.


  • SPIAs

SPIA’s continue to be a great (but underused tool).  The payouts continue to offer some of the best alternatives to maximizing income today.  The payments are guaranteed and will last forever.  For some, the payouts can be as high as 8 ½ – 9%


  • Guarantee Income Roll ups

For some looking to defer income, you can purchase annuity contracts with guaranteed roll-ups that for income purposes, will double in value by year 10 regardless of actual performance.


  • Uncapped LTC Benefits

It is possible to provide Uncapped/Unlimited Long Term care benefits by utilizing particular products.  This is one of the strongest values available in the Hybrid LTC space today.


  • Longevity Protection Using Death Benefit

To protect against longevity risk, your life insurance death benefit can be used as a living benefit by drawing down your face amount as income.  There is NO health trigger to exercise this option.


  • ROP Provisions

Many GUL policies have a return of premium window that allows you to receive your premiums back regardless of product performance.  These windows usually open up in either policy year 20 or 25.


  • Complimentary Business Valuations

For your Business clients, you can offer them Complimentary Business Valuations to determine the value of partnership interests.  This is a tremendous value add since it can save your clients a great deal of money.  This also paves the way to Buy Sell, Key Man & Personal Insurance sales.


  • Underwriting Enhancement Programs

A number of carriers offer underwriting programs that move table ratings down to Standard risks.  There are also carriers that offer single rating improvements that can boost your client to the next (higher) rating class.


  • Hybrid Guarantees to 90

Instead of a full GUL contract, take a look at the hybrid guarantees.  Often times, you can get a guarantee on a UL chassis that can last up to age 90.  These plans are extremely competitive, have increasing cash value and are a great alternative to a plain vanilla GUL.


  • Automatic Chronic Illness Rider

For clients that can’t get approved for any form of Long Term Care, there are options with certain permanent plans that will automatically issue a Chronic Illness Rider.  This comes in very handy for those client that cannot usually qualify for LTC benefits by offering some degree of protection.


  • Substandard LTC Options

For some contracts that offer LTC Riders, the LTC portion can be issued at a sub-standard rate (up to Table 5).  In these cases, it is another great alternative for a client that is not able to get approved for Stand-Alone LTC.


  • Non- Medical Limits up to $2.5M

It is possible to secure very large lines of life insurance without a medical exam.  This is offered by many carriers and can often be combined and pieced together.  The turnaround times with these types of plans can be 48 -72 hours.


  • Non-Smoker Rates For Cigar Smokers

For your Cigar Smoking clients, it is possible to get them Non-Smokers rates.  Many of these clients have older inforce policies that were probably rated as smokers.  This is a huge opportunity.


  • 40 Year Level Term

It is now possible to get a 40 Year Term policy up to age 45 for non-smokers.


  • Tax Free Supplemental Retirement Income

The old standby (permanent/cash value life insurance).  Where else can you show someone how to grow their money on a tax deferred basis and ultimately withdraw income on a tax free basis?


There are even more opportunities out there.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If something sparked your interest in the list above, something on that list will surely catch the attention of either your existing or new prospective clients as well.

For more information or to see how it all works, reach out to us today so we can help you start the conversation.


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